Interface img01

1. Rank, Track Position, Radar

  • a. Your current rank is displayed, as well as your covered distance and your opponents’ covered distance. Covered distance is shown as the percentage of the course finished.
  • b. You can view detailed information about users within 600 ft of your character in the game.

2. Displays Boost Gauge and current speed.

  • a. Displays amount of boost you have charged through your tricks. You’ll be able to use your full boost once you have filled up your gauge.
  • b. Current speed is displayed.

3. Lap time and other trick points are displayed.

  • a. Current lap time is displayed here.
  • b. Your total accumulated trick points are displayed here.

4. Points and difficulty level of an executed trick.

  • a. Your trick points and difficulty levels will be displayed in stars.

Interface img02

1. Battle Mode Radar

  • a. When using an attack item, you can utilize radar and arrow keys to target other users with precision.
  • b. Battle Mode Radar displays your teammate’s nickname, icon, and the current attack item he or she is using.
  • c. Battle Mode Radar also displays the sender and recipient of the attack items.

2. Displays Boost Gauge and current speed.

  • a. Items you’ve acquired on the run will be saved here. Up to 2 items can be stored.